New Fundraising Opportunity


1) Your Church Members Win by helping their Church and Mission Works in Mexico and around the World!

2) Your Church Wins by raising extra money for needed projects and in doing so helps reach the Lost on a foreign field.

3) Precious people on the mission field are reached with the gospel, churches are established, the needy helped – So everyone wins!

How it works

1) Collect unused, unexpired, Diabetic Testing Supplies from your church members or from anyone who wants to donate them.  (There are many reasons people have extra testing supplies that aren’t used and are thrown away – see back for more)  Your Church members may be able to collect donated supplies from friends, coworkers and relatives as well.

2) Once collected (We recommend a couple weeks) Ship the supplies in a box to Border Testing Supplies – 10710 Gateway N., Ste. B5 #203, El Paso, TX 79924

3) Border Testing Supplies will inventory what you send in and depending on the brands and quantity will send your Church a check for these supplies – up to $10/Box!   This can add up fast i.e.:  If your church collects 150 boxes of certain brand name test strips that could be $1500.00!  Use this for missions or any other area of need your church has.

4) Border Testing Supplies will donate all profits from the sale of the testing supplies to: To Every Creature Ministries, Inc. which is a missionary run ministry that helping needy people in Northern Mexico. (For more information visit

It really is that simple!  – Everybody wins and the missionaries help more people!    All you need to do is promote this among your people, have them collect the testing supplies and then send them in and your church raises much needed funds!  At the same time the Gospel is preached in Northern Mexico!

Questions?? – Call Carol for more details – 928-726-6325

Downloadable / Printable ==>  Handout / Bulletin flyer